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Entrepreneurship The Franchise Path

What makes entrepreneurs more successful from the rest of the pack? This is not unusual. Successful entrepreneurs don’t try and figure everything out themselves. There are so many challenges when starting a business, re-inventing the wheel should not be one of them. Entrepreneurship is a journey to achieve self desired career and financial independence. An entrepreneur would take financial investment risk and bet on self confidence to provide products and services to targeted market for the objective of making profit. The supply of products and services need to be supported by business model, marketing plan, operational system and correct implementation.. Read More →

Best View Hotel

Best View Hotel is the budget hotel and boast of becoming Malaysia’s premier budget hotel. Best View Hotel is an ideal lodging option for travelers on business or leisure stays. Our hotel offers quality service and convenient access to many city attractions. We are expanding and will have more branches soon. The room rate is reasonable and equipped with amenities include the WiFi, facsimile service, LCD TV and secure electronic lock system. Best View Corporation Sdn Bhd Tel: +603-3358 5112 Website: E-mail: Franchise Fees: Available upon request Royalty: Available upon request Initial Capital: Available upon request.. Read More →

Ensuring Success of Overseas Franchise In Your Local Market

A quick search on the internet about overseas franchising produces hundreds of links on how franchisors can tap on international markets to expand their reach and how they can sell their franchises effectively overseas. That’s all good, but what about the franchisee? The story doesn’t just end with the franchisor successfully selling his/her franchise. The crux lies in whether the franchisee is able to market that franchise effectively and how the franchise can fit into the local market... Read More →

LEAP Schoolhouse

Registered with Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE), LEAP SchoolHouse caters to children from 8 months through to 6 years of age, focusing on Literacy development in both English and Mandarin. LEAP Schoolhouse mission is: Build an environment where children will grow up with a love for reading and learning in the midst of Laughter, Engagement and Active Participation. Engage young learners in basic literacy by focusing on the four skills domains of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Give equal opportunities for all to explore, interact and learn. LEAP Schoolhouse Pte Ltd Tel: +65 62228511 Website: Email: Franchise Fees:.. Read More →

10 Most Important Aspects When Buying A Franchise

Finding the right franchise can be a tough task especially for a newcomer to the industry. Several factors have to be carefully considered before making this significant long term investment. Here are the ten most important aspects to be looked into before becoming a franchisee:.. Read More →