Husse Franchise Business Opportunity

HUSSE – Leader In Home Delivery of Quality Products for Your Dog & Cat


Husse was founded in Sweden in 1987 and offers a wide range of quality pet food products, supplements, accessories and hygiene products suitable for cats and dogs. We also have supplements and care products for horses. In Swedish the word “Husse” means “a pet owner”, more exactly a male pet owner.

Husse markets itself as a Scandinavian choice, which has been proven to be very profitable. Husse operates in major parts of Europe, Mexico, South Africa and Thailand. Due to the high demand for pet food, Husse is now venturing further into South East Asia, including Malaysia.

husse-2Pet Food – A Reliable and Rapidly Expanding Global Market
The pet food market is a fast growing and steady business and the number of pets are constantly increasing. The pet food business is not dependent on the fluctuations in the global economy and pets still eat whether the stock market is high or low.

The Husse Difference
With Husse, customers don’t have to carry heavy bags nor travel far to specialised shops in order to buy high quality food for their pets. Instead, just by placing an order online or via phone, fax or email, our  local Husse Franchisee will deliver the products to the client, where the delivery cost is built into the price. Husse Franchisees/ Distributors are also educated in nutrition which makes them able to offer advice which is a part of the service.

Become A Husse Master Licensee for Malaysia!
The Husse franchise concept is built on a system of Master Licensees and Franchisees; each one managing his own business and making his own profit. From the moment our franchise system was introduced, Husse has been seeing 25% growth annually, adding new markets and consistently taking new market shares in a fast growing global pet food market. Currently, Husse has over 42 Master Licensees and 750 Franchisees/Distributors throughout Europe, Mexico, South Africa and Thailand.


As a Master Licensee for Husse in Malaysia you must be willing to invest and obtain the exclusive rights for the brand and system in Malaysia. Your objective is to set up a warehouse, import products and recruit your own network of franchisees/distributors. You will be offered every opportunity for expansion and steady profit.

Husse is the name to trust when you want your pets to get all its nutritional needs satisfied wherever they are.

For more information, please email Tim Eliasson, Market Manager at

Company Name: Trademark Service LE AB
Company Brand: Husse
Address: Torstenssonsgatan 9, 114 56 Stockholm
Phone: +46850255705
Year Established: 1987
Country of Origin: Sweden
Contact Person: Tim Eliasson
Email Address:
Type of Business: Pet Food/home delivery
Type of Franchise: Master Franchise
Number of Units: The Master Franchisee then recruits Franchise Units
Franchise Fees: The Master Franchisee decides Franchise Fees.
Royalty: 5%
Marketing /A&P Fund: Trademark Service in Sweden give financial support; we pay 1/3 of all marketing costs up to a limit.
Estimated Initial Capital: 30,000 US dollars

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    How to open a franchise in malaysia?min budget how much?

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