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Winners of the Franchisee of the Year 2015 award, Ms Jenny Kwan and Ms Candy Chan from CEFL Kota Kemuning and CEFL Kemuning Utama, share that being a CEFL franchisee has allowed them many new opportunities in life, but the most rewarding experience is the opportunity to watch their students achieve tremendous results. They have been part of CEFL’s successful network since 2008.

It has always been Candy’s dream to work in the education field, especially working with young children in a kindergarten, but she had to put her dreams on hold upon graduation to help her parents manage their business. It took a few years before she finally decided to pursue her ambitions and started working in a CEFL centre in 2007. After a few months, she partnered with Jenny to join the CEFL Franchise Network, opening their first centre in Kota Kemuning.

“I decided to sign up with the CEFL Franchise Network as I find that CEFL understands the importance of appropriate educational experiences and their role in the success of children as they develop and grow. I’m very passionate about young children’s education and I believe that it’s essential to provide children with a solid foundation in their early years to ensure their success in the future. My initial thoughts were to set up a kindergarten, but after working for a few months in a CEFL centre, I realised that I could still work in education, but with less hassle in terms of administration – opening a kindergarten would require far more certifications as well as courses for me and my teachers to attend!” said Candy.

They have plans to expand their network of centres within Shah Alam in the next three to five years. The support from CEFL HQ has helped tremendously in the operations of their two centres. Teachers receive regular training from the HQ’s Academic division, to ensure that CEFL’s teaching faculty is well trained, qualified and experienced. Their hard work and effort have paid off when one of their Cambridge English: Key (KET) students achieved 100% scores in the June 2016 University of Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations.

Be Part of the Dynamic Network of CEFL Franchisees
CEFL specialises in providing accredited ready-to-launch English language programmes. Over the years, our programmes have enriched the lives of tens of thousands of students and clients from all walks of life. Our comprehensive range of English language courses have been developed to meet the needs of students of all ages. These courses, and the expertise to market and teach them, are now accessible to you as a CEFL franchisee.

A CEFL franchise simply makes good business sense. This is an excellent opportunity to turn your passion for education into a successful business with the full backing of CEFL’s expertise in promotion, teaching methodology, curriculum development and school management.

As a CEFL franchisee, you will be granted an exclusive territory and the use of CEFL brand identity, methods of operation, technology and products. Additionally, you will also benefit from our reputation in the industry, loyal following, and proven business strategies.

A special orientation programme will be organised to prepare you, your appointed Centre Manager/Administrator as well as the teachers you intend to hire for the start-up and operation of your CEFL centre. Orientation programmes are normally carried out at the CEFL head office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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