Eye Level – Excellence Through Self-Directed Learning


Eye Level is a supplemental education brand of Daekyo that gears its Math, English and other programs to the specific stage of a child’s intellectual development.

Our extensively trained and certified professional instructors design lesson plans based on each student’s progression and understanding of the materials. All in all, we share a passion for education and an earnest desire to help children succeed. The time is just right for you to become an Eye Level Franchisee.

Eye Level Franchisee Application Process Takes about 2 to 3 months to set-up an Eye Level center

1) Eye Level Franchise Orientation
Once we receive your inquiry, you will be invited to attend the Eye Level Franchise Orientation. There will be a screening test to determine the selection of the candidates.

2) Business Proposal and Interview
Candidates who pass the screening test will be required to prepare a Business Proposal and to be interviewed by our Country Manager.

3) Location Checking
Upon passing the interview, a location checking of your proposed location will be conducted to confirm its suitability.Once the location is approved, you will be eligible to sign the Franchise Contract.

4) Franchise Contract
This is when you sign the Franchise Contract. Business operation and training manuals will be provided to you.

5) Renovation and Licenses
You may proceed with the renovation of your center upon our confirmation of the floor plan. At this stage, you will also be applying for various licenses like Business License and the Ministry of Education (MOE) license.

6) Trainings
While the renovation and licenses are in progress, you are required to attend and complete both Intensive and Practical Trainings.

7) Center Opening
Once all the training requirements have been met and your renovation of the center has been approved, you may officially commence your Eye Level Learning Center.

Support to Eye Level Franchisees

  1. The support of a global company
  2. Various advertising and promotional support and activities
  3. Ongoing trainings, seminars and programs for instructors and assistants
  4. Eye Level Quality Center evaluation and award
  5. Rewards and incentives for good performance
  6. Teaching material support
  7. Area management system

Eye Level Franchise Orientation



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