Avant Franchise Business Opportunity

A CEO Income Working From Home…
There are 3 lucrative income streams on offer with Avant.
  • First, you can derive a healthy six or multiple six figure income from DIRECT SALES COMMISSIONS, in fact as much as US$16,000 per transaction. By making just two sales per month of our Transcend Global Event, you can put US$192,000 profit into your pocket in your first year…
  • Secondly, our generous passive RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS are paid to you by the Company for your team’s performance. For our Transcend Global Event Ticket sales, the residual income is US$1,000 for every ticket sold in your organisation four levels deep.
  • Thirdly, products can be sold as retail only items, creating RETAIL COMMISSIONS.
At US$30,000 this is one of the most accessible business opportunities. Your investment gets you started in your own business today. The ongoing costs in our business model are minimal as there are no staffing costs or leasing of premises involved.  Your marketing costs are set by you… unlike traditional franchise models you don’t pay a marketing fee or a percentage of your sales in franchise fees.
Skill Set
Good English skills are a must. You must be motivated and hungry for success, and be prepared to do what it takes to be successful.
Avant operates in the very lucrative 19 billion dollar a year Personal Development industry. Our CEO and Founder built one of the most successful personal development companies in the world prior to setting up Avant, so he knows what works…
Next steps… submit an enquiry to our representative today, be in business tomorrow.
Franchise Info
Company Name: Avant
Phone: +0457 035 297
Website: www.weareavant.com/home
Year Established: May 2010
Country of Origin: USA
Contact Person: Deb Brake
Email Address: Deborah.brake@bigpond.com
Type of Business: Network Marketing Business
Number of Units: Unrestricted
Size of Units: Unrestricted
Franchise Term: No Terms
Royalty: US$160,000++ Year 1
Marketing Fund: Set Your Own
Initial Capital:US$8,000


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