3 Ways To Sure Up Your Influential Leadership

Business is people. Obvious? Perhaps. We believe the success of a business is all about the alignment of the energy of the people. To do this effectively, the leader must possess the ability to influence. So what is the essence of influence? The ability to effect an outcome often remotely or invisibly.


Here are 3 Ways to Sure Up Your Influential Leadership no matter how big or small your team or business.

Observe More Carefully
A mistake that many leaders make is they observe clumsily instead of carefully. In the busy-ness of the day, they can be so focussed, they shut down their peripheral vision and rely too much on the commentary of others.

What do I mean? They form preconceived filters about people, situations and dynamics based on the thoughts of others. Not their own view in or “in the moment” observations. Not first hand observations.

These pre-conceived or closed views, are typically based on hear say rather than first hand observation. As a result, the leader will often limit seeing other possibilities.

Often to save time, leaders may listen to the opinions of others (hearsay) to gain a view of the inner workings of team dynamics.  “…Pam was telling me that, or I heard from Peter that …”

The consequence of relying on opinions of others is that the data received is further distorted via the deliverers filters, prejudices and possibly agenda.

First hand observation, conversation and evaluation is undoubtedly the best way to observe. It builds heightened awareness which gives the leader a strategic advantage and better access on what to improve and develop.

This more direct feedback, not only hones the leaders ability to read and verify dynamics, it enables the leader to stay fresh and connected to what is really happening. Personal, first hand experience is key. This for many leaders is a new way for them to observe.


Teach To Influence
Leaders make the mistake of ‘telling’ people information, rather than having a conversation. Even if the conversation is short, this is better than barking orders and telling people what to do. As a rule, people don’t like being told what to do.

A conversation is a two way experience and this is a much more collaborative and human way to influence. Influence through teaching is the key message here. Educating and teaching every opportunity possible, is how leaders add the most value to team members.

Always learning, the team members are completely interested and connected to the job, the role and all they learn as a result of their working day.

When the leader sees themselves as a teacher, the dynamic shifts for the team members.

Through the leader teaching, the staff’s conversation skills are stretched and challenged in ways that enhance their total life skills. As they become more confident, they become more passionate and committed to the brand they work for as well as feel more loyal to the leader they work with.

The key learning here is as a leader, be a teacher. Use teaching to influence.

Keep it Simple
Conversations with leaders can be intimidating for staff and team members. And the leaders often forget this. A leader can take for granted their power as the leader and often be further intimidating with a forceful, telling style of connection with team.

This is added to with the use of long complicated words. There are many down sides to complicated language.

Using complex language not only creates over thinking, it creates delays.

Delays are caused when the employee or staff member thinks for too long long before they act or reply. This creates procrastination and procrastinations lose efficiency.

Keeping it simple in thought, word and deed is a sure fire way to get through, to cut through and be more influential as a leader.

Developing new ways to lead and influence is a conscious decision. And to support yourself to unlearn old ways of leading and to develop new ways of influencing, we have created a 2 day program called Influential Leadership.

To personally hone and master these subtle nuances to influencing your team, join us at the next live event in Malta, Berlin, Singapore, Melbourne or San Francisco. And if you are in Singapore, we have a gift for you, as it’s our first time leading Influential Leadership In Singapore as a reader of Franchise Asia Magazine you receive a gift of SD$300 OFF the Ticket Price for this wonderful 2 Day Leadership Experience.

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