Four Simple Secrets to Multiply Success

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So you want to know how to multiply success? No matter what your business, if it involves people, you will like this. What this article covers won’t cost you any money. That’s right. You don’t have to spend any money. What you do have to do is commit to your people in a new, different and simple way. If you simply invest a little effort into these four, profound and simple ways you can increase the value of your business. 

1. Look at the human being….

Your team are other human beings just like you. They have a heart, they have a mind, they have a body and they have a spirit. When you remind yourself of this and treat your team members human to human, the way you interact with these people will change. This subtle distinction from ‘employees’ or ‘staff’, will open up opportunity for you in the way you react and treat those who work with you each day.

2. Increase your manners…

During the course of your day, increase the number of times you use manners. Say extra thank-you’s and pleases. When you increase your manners, you are improving the level of respect that sits between you and your team member. Imagine that you are dealing with the person in the world that you respect the most. Use this level of respect as your benchmark. If you can do it sometimes, you can do it all the time. Applying manners is a massive leverage point that many business people fail to use. It can be used as your strategic advantage and it’s just part of being a good human being.

3. Develop a list of encouragement words…

We’re all driven to succeed for different reasons. Your reasons will be different to the reasons of your team. It may not be natural for you to encourage yourself or encourage others. This is a big opportunity. People respond to encouragement. People respond to acknowledgement. If being encouraging isn’t something that is natural for you, this step will help:

thank you
Very simply make a list of encouraging statements that you yourself would like to be told, acknowledged and encouraged with. What are the things you’d wished people had said to you when you were having a bad day? What are the things you’d wished your mentor, teacher or parents said to you to help you keep going? Think about these things. Make a list of at least 7. Have them to hand. Write them in your diary or have them in your device, computer, tablet or phone. Rehearse saying them. And promise yourself you will only use them when you mean it. Sincerity is key, and having a list of encouraging statements top of mind and tip of time will uplift the spirits of your team members and help them succeed. Then if they are succeeding, you are. Simple and powerful.

4. Know the power of gratitude and self-appreciation…

In order to appreciate your team, do you agree it’s important to understand ‘how’ to appreciate? The best place to start is in the arena of self-appreciation. That’s right, appreciating yourself. What is it you are most grateful for about you? What qualities do you possess that you really appreciate? What are your strengths? What do you believe to be your personal assets? What are the positive things other people say about you? Simply, what do you like about yourself the most? Having clarity around this is key. Knowing this is key. When you appreciate yourself, you will find it much easier to appreciate and encourage others.
Even if you grew up in an environment where appreciation was lacking. Even if the little voice inside your own head is often depreciating or talking down to you rather than up. Developing this skill and using it consistently can transform you, transform your team and transform your business. Daily self-appreciation through lists, writing things down and noting good things that happen will all contribute to a success multiplier in your business.

Multiplication Factor…

Never underestimate people appreciation. If you appreciate your people, they will in-turn help the value of your business appreciate. You lead the good will. Your team follow you. If you are polite to your people, they will be polite with each-other and the customers. If you are short with your people, they will be short with each-other and short with the customers it’s that simple. And it all starts with how you speak to yourself. The quality of the dialogue you have with yourself. If your attitude is one of gratitude you will transmit that. People will feel it, and people will enjoy being with you and working with you. People will want to help you achieve your vision. Gratitude and appreciation are the foundation to the success multiplier. Now you ‘know’ what to do, it’s time to apply it and do it.

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