3 Keys to A Motivated Mindset

coverThe term ‘Mindset’ is used a lot. It’s all about attitude right? To some extent it is, however attitude can fluctuate. A Motivated Mindset is a philosophy. Tanya Lacy explains. 

You’ve had a good day. The team at work have done well. The new ideas you’ve introduced are working, and you feel good. Time to go home. You walk in the door at home, and wham! You are confronted with a barrage of dramas, problems and negativity. Will this incident take your motivation down? What happens next is everything to do with your mindset and your personal philosophy for living. Motivation, whether we recognise it or not, is a moment by moment choice.

Do situations outside of yourself affect your mood? Do they take your motivation down?
Here are some keys to consider that can get you thinking about your mindset and your motivation.

1… Your Vibe

Do you wake up and decide on your mood? Or do you allow random thoughts that come into your mind to create your mood? Have you ever thought about this? The first few moments when your eyes open, do you have thoughts that are uplifting? Or do you have thoughts that drag you down? Do you focus on the good that’s happened? Or do you focus on the problems?

Our thoughts create our mood. So it is important to notice our thoughts, and then monitor our mood. What good things have happened that you can be grateful for? Gratefulness, makes us great.

If you have decided to be in a good mood and stay in a good mood from the moment you wake up, then you’ve made a decision, you’ve made a choice. The mood that you decide to ‘be in’ is also known as your ‘vibe’.

Do you have a reputation for being good to work with and good to be around? Or do you have a reputation for being grumpy to be around? What ‘vibe’ do you put out?

Your thoughts produce your mood and your mood produces your vibe. Notice this and work with it. If it’s not where you want it to be, improve it by being more deliberate, mindful and conscious.

2… Your Language

Those thoughts you are thinking are conversations you are having with yourself. Are they nice conversations? Complimentary conversations? Or are they critical conversations? Judgemental Conversations? Are they conversations that leave you beating yourself up? Or are they conversations that leave you encouraging yourself?

Each conversation you have with yourself can either build you up or tear you down. The good news is, you choose. You always choose the type of conversation; supportive or destructive.
Your decision.


Each conversation is made up of words. Are these words positively oriented? Or negatively oriented? Do the words you use interrupt the flow and direction of activity? Or enhance the flow and direction of activity? Are they supportive words? Encouraging words? Or limiting destructive words? Negative words?

Our words create our world. Be full of care when you select the words you speak.
Words have impact.

3… Your Small Acts

Acts come from Habits
Are you in the habit of smiling? Are you in the habit of walking tall? Are you in the habit of filling your mind with literature that uplifts and inspires you? That encourages you? Are you in the habit of using your manners? Are you in the habit of complimenting yourself? Are you in the habit of being present? Are you in the habit of acknowledging when things go well? Are you in the habit of noticing when things go well or when you do well?

Habits are what we repeatedly do. We are a sum total of our habits. Our habits produce our acts. Whether they are acts that are supportive or destructive is simply a result of our habits.

Acknowledging the Journey
Many of us work towards a goal and only acknowledge ourselves for the result. What about the small steps? The effort? The contribution towards that goal? The small incremental steps towards the goal are what make the goal happen. These are the inputs. To get good results, we not only need to acknowledge and be grateful for the result, but also for the journey. Complimenting ourselves for our commitment, consistency, the small steps we take, the organisation required and the action taken, is key to having a motivated mindset.

Motivating Others

When we are motivated ourselves, via our mindset, we motivate others. They see how we show up. They experience how we speak. All of this rubs off and provides an example for those who work for us or with us and whom we meet on our journey. Never underestimate your affect on other people. Your vibe, your energy, your words and your acts affect others around you. And most of all, they determine the quality of your day, which is the quality of your life.


Your Vibe. Your Language. You Small Acts. These not only help you, they also help others to have a motivated mindset. If you want others around you to step up, look at these 3 areas and see what you can re-create in your day. If these help you at all, be sure to let me know, follow me on twitter @tanyalacy or instagram @realtanyalacy

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