The Concept Confectionists – Handmade Candy


Possession of a sweet tooth does not always correlate with healthier eating, but UK confectionery retailer Spun Candy has bridged the gap with its vegetarian, gluten-free candies which use only natural fruit flavours and are created in an in-store kitchen. It’s proven a hit with the public and, notably, the corporate world with commissions from Virgin Atlantic, Ted Baker, BMW Mini and Hearst Magazines.

The handmade nature of the candy is central to the brand proposition. Customers are engaged by the theatrical experience of seeing the candy made in-store. “Every one of our customers can come in-store and explore their senses with our delicious candy,” says the company. “They can watch the magic as we create names, designs and logos within our small bite size pieces of rock candy or create candy wonders of flowers and toffee.”

While the store provides a suitable for all age groups retail experience and bedrock for the business, growth is explored through wholesale to premium high-end retailers, high profit margin catering for corporate events, e-commerce through online stores and in-store masterclass experiences enabling customers to create their own confectioneries.

The company is looking to explore new countries in franchise partnership with truly creative business people with retail, hospitality or restaurant operation experience and strong interpersonal skills who can develop a business beyond retail to exploit the additional revenues available to the concept.

“We are not just a retailer and manufacturer,” adds the company. “We offer a unique and bespoke service that targets ABC1 demographics with a target age group of 5 years old to 85 years old. Our core customers are 25-45 year old females with high disposal income who are attracted to a luxury consumer product and service that is a ‘guilt free’ purchase.”


For more information please contact Troy Franklin of World Franchise Associates at or at +60192101909.

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