Micro Franchising As An Economic Saviour 8 Reasons Why

While economic doom dominates the mainstream media, a bright future exists particularly in the Asia Pacific region. Writing from Melbourne, Tanya Lacy shares her latest observations on why the Micro franchising vehicle will succeed, and why it has attracted interest as a potential ‘economic saviour’.

Can’t we do what McDonald’s and Burger King have done in the US?

Govindappa Venkataswamy

Founder, The Aravind Eye Care System

For those less acquainted: What is a Micro Franchise? The Intercept Poverty website says: “A replicable business system on a micro-scale that fosters economic self reliance.”

In a nutshell, Micro Franchising is a mini franchise or licensing arrangement with a smaller dollar value entry point relative to the economy it’s working in. Its aim is to both solve big problems and empower local enterprise where its impact a) is high and b) counts most. Its power lies not in sale price of actual franchise units, but more the reach and volume of business that could be put through the franchise.

Capitalist and Philanthropic

The Micro franchising vehicle can be looked at two ways. Firstly from the viewpoint of a philanthropist, whose motive is to lift the impoverished (a hand up vs. a hand out) so the least can grow in self esteem, self respect and contribute to the economy more meaningfully.

Secondly from the viewpoint of the capitalist, whose motive is often largely self-serving and expressed as to ‘make millions’. Regardless of the motive, the net result is an increase and lift in the economy. This is good news in a time when news is mostly bad.

1. The power of entrepreneurial spirit

It takes an entrepreneurial spirit to drive and initiate a micro franchise, and that entrepreneurial spirit exists within the hearts and minds of all entrepreneurs whether they live in the first sector or third. It can give the least an opportunity and those who are rich can get richer.

2. The power of people

Micro franchising requires multiples of people for fast growth, and so locations with higher populations can accelerate its success. Micro Franchising as a vehicle does not discriminate between rich and poor. Ultimately whoever participates in Micro Franchising increases their chances of reaching and producing higher levels of economic success.

3. The power of support

Because Micro Franchising is such a tool for lifting economic development, smart governments committed to strong economic development will take up support and educate the market place to embrace, adopt and adapt to micro franchising models.

4. The power of heart

When people are struggling, if they are given an opportunity to lift themselves from their struggle, they rechannel their energies. This is the power of heart. There are stories in business magazines, success magazines and entrepreneurial magazines that shine the light on people who have been moved from poverty to success because of a drive to succeed. All they needed was the right vehicle at the right time. They already had the heart and the reason.

5. The power of the right vehicle

Micro franchising is the right vehicle at the right time. It is simple. It leverages from what we instinctively know as human beings. To work together in villages and to serve each other. In many ways the vehicle or model of micro franchising is a fancy way of saying ‘serve others in communities (circles) that are manageable to handle’. Serve those people and serve them well. In exchange you will be paid well. You win, they win. Money is made, profit is made, smiles happen, give well, receive well, and life is better.

Live well – give well

Tanya Lacy

6. The power of the right product

Micro franchising lends itself to be used to serve others. For instance, the product or service that is used within the micro franchising model – if it serves many and adds tremendous value, it will grow faster. This is universal law about service. If we add massive value to others, if we exceed expectations, if the exchange is weighted slightly more in favour of the customer, then the customer will not only come back, but they will tell others. What this does, is self selects or eliminates products that don’t add value. If the product or service doesn’t add value or isn’t appreciated or needed in the town or neighbourhood, it simply won’t fly. On the other hand, if the product or service is received well, delivered well and the business people involved operate in integrity with an ethos of good service, success is the result.

7. The power of offline geography

In densely populated areas, customers are on the doorstep or in the village within a relatively small geographical radius. With the micro franchising model the multiplier effect is so efficient it’s almost as powerful as compound interest. As such, if service is delivered well, it won’t take long to have reached cost covering and have surplus to pay back traditional loans, micro loans or micro credit.

8. The power of online geography

In remote locations, if there is access to internet, customers who are around the world or in the global village are a click away. With micro franchising, internet and web strategies can support the business or be the business. Internet accelerates replication and the word of mouth. Online capability provides choice and speed.

So what makes me confident Micro franchising will be huge?

What I love about micro franchising as a vehicle, is that it can be used for both a philanthropic or capitalist motive. Better still, a combination. It is because the model can be used to serve both segments, the number of people who have access to micro franchising is massive. Just think about the population of Asia Pacific in both developed and underdeveloped locations. The micro franchising vehicle excludes no sector. What it does is lift and bridge both developed and underdeveloped sectors.

Numbers of People and Timing

Look at the sheer numbers of people in the Asia Pacific Region. Now look at the trends occurring right now. Regarding the more well off (who’ve had employment within corporations) corporations are shrinking.

It’s no exaggeration to say many are shutting down, breaking down and down sizing. Conventional business is down. We are seeing more and more folk leave corporations. If these folk are not prepared for the change, where is their cash flow and income going to come from? Micro franchising might be an opportunity for them.

There is also the group of people who are old enough to retire but energetic enough to be occupied. These people are also contenders for micro franchising.

Regarding the least in the world, simply put, now more than ever, internet access is more common and so education in one form or other is more available.

It’s intuitive

Micro franchising is a model that is intuitive. The combination of entrepreneurial spirit, conscience and heart are what will see this thrive. For the least, if they can lift their current situation even a percentage, life will never be the same again. For the middle class and rich, this is a leverage opportunity that can see surplus being reinvested back into the model for the purpose of lifting the least. The opportunities are infinite.

Micro franchising 101

Think of a problem you want to solve in the world. Think of a way to package the solution and have other people deliver the solution. You are now the franchisor.

You then enrol 8 – 12 people who buy the model and then can sell your product or service to a base of clients. Strike a win/win arrangement where there is profit left for everyone.

If no one is greedy, every one wins.

If someone is greedy, everyone loses.

The nature of micro franchising means that it should be low cost of entry, high impact service, low skill level to deliver the service and take money.

The micro franchisor should give good training in how to be expert in the model. The training should be low tech so it is easy and simple.

Lessons from the rise of Taiwan

I once heard it explained that the rise of Taiwan was attributed to entrepreneurship. You marry up the timing of now, the opportunity, entrepreneurship, social impact and micro-franchising and the results will speak for themselves. Just have a good intention to serve many and the profits and right model will surely be in reach.

Why? Because what the minds eye sees and believes, it can achieve!

If you can see what I can see – what I see is huge.

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