KUNA (PERU) “Feel The Hands Of The Andes”

KUNA is Grupo Inca´s achievement, whose commitment is to create high quality garments using the art and magic of Peru’s millennial textile manufacturing tradition, now recreated as an avant­garde proposal for the careful selection of the camelid’s fibers, the best in the world, and to promote its rational use while protecting each species and preserving the ancient and valuable knowledge of the Incas. This proposal, merged with the latest technology here at KUNA as we continue to develop our own methods, today gives us the privilege of offering our collection to the world, a true Peruvian treasure. KUNA garments are created from the manual selection of the finest natural fibers from alpaca, guanaco, llama, vicuña, pima cotton and silk; going through the production of yarns, knits and fabrics to ensure optimum quality.

Grupo Inca
Address: Lima, Peru
Website: kuna.com.pe/en/
Year Established: 2007
Country of Origin: Peru
No. of Units: 34
Franchise Type: Area Development/ Multi-Unit Agreements
Franchise Fee: Franchise fee varies by development model
Franchise Term: 10 years

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