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Why is science important in young kids’ lives? If Sir Isaac Newton just ate the apple that fell from a tree and hit his head without thinking about why the apple would fall, he would not have discovered the law of gravity. His curiosity had made him a physicist, mathematician and astronomer.

Do our students have such kind of intellectual curiosity? Have they mastered the skills of logical thinking? How are they going to become scientists without these qualities?

Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that less than 20% of students were in the Science stream, a worrying shortfall of the 60% target set by the ministry.

Children’s interest in Science, and natural environment should be inspired since young age so that like Newton, they know how to think, ask and find out the answer themselves.

Science helps answer all those tough questions kids ask, like ‘Why is the sky blue?’ and ‘Where do stars come from?’



KIDDO SCIENCE understands the curious minds of young ones who discover many new things as they go about in life. KIDDO SCIENCE seeks to satisfy the inquisitive nature of young children by providing an ideal learning environment where children can explore the world of science. KIDDO SCIENCE also nurtures the learning spirit in children by not only teaching them but also by guiding them on how they could learn more.

Bring Science to LIFE!

Established in 2005, KIDDO SCIENCE aspires to promote science to children in a fun way. Kiddo Science “brings science to life” by allowing children to not only learn science but also feel it, making science discoveries an enjoyable adventure.

Hands-on Experiments: Full laboratory equipment and apparatus for children to experiment every week.

Holistic Learning: We don’t just teach from book; we make things interesting with labsheets, fun facts, life applications, and most importantly, EXPERIMENTS!

Bring Science Home: Lessons do not stop at our centre; let your child continue to explore with our experimental products at home with you.

Science Projects: Every child loves to be involved in a big and fun project; at KIDDO SCIENCE, we give them just that from time to time!



The first in Malaysian edusystem to develop and introduce Scientists Program for children aged 5-12 years old.

An established and proprietary program and educational methodology through the Unique and Hands-On KIDDO SCIENCE Program.

Provide a comprehensive on the job training on daily operations and system management.

Provide a professional Teachers’ training program monthly.

Continuance in Research and Development in constantly upgrading curriculum.

For more information on KIDDO SCIENCE, contact us at:

Kiddo’s Science World Sdn. Bhd.
Tel: 03-9082 0688 or Hp: 012-226 6303 (Mr. Alex)
Company Name : Kiddo’s Science World Sdn. Bhd.
Address : No.11A, Jalan Perdana 1, Taman Segar Perdana, 43200 Cheras, Selangor.
Phone : 03-9082 0688
Web site :
Facebook : Centre


Franchise Info

Year Established : 2005
Country of Origin : Malaysia
Contact Person : Mr. Alex Ooi
Email Address :
Type of Business : Children Learning Centre
Types of Franchise : Children Learning Centre
Number of Units : 50
Size of Units : 1500 – 2500 sq ft
Franchise Fees : RM30,000 – RM50,000
Franchise Term (years) : 5
Royalty : 8%
Marketing / A & P Fund : 3%
Estimated Initial Capital : From RM150,000 – RM250,000

Suitable for those who are passionate in education.


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