Kamal-Kamal Pest Control Franchise Business Opportunity

Pest Eliminators In Control Of A Winning Battle.

Kamal-Kamal Pest Control Franchise Business Oportunity
Mr. Hussein Kamal Omar and Mdm. Che Ros. started Kamal-Kamal Pest Control Sdn Bhd to provide safe and effective general pest control and termite treatment. From a small family owned business, the company has grown and now has service centres located throughout Malaysia boasting more than 100 fully-trained staff. Using advanced equipment, it offers effective and value for money pest control service. A top-notch pest control company for both domestic households and commercial firms, its current portfolio includes multinational organisations, hospitality service industries, government agencies, foreign embassies and others.


Mission statement
Kamal-Kamal Pest Control Sdn Bhd is dedicated to professionalism, quality, safety, honesty and constantly striving to give customers their best service at all times. It aspires to be the nation’s best socially responsible pest control service company that offers top quality and value-for-money services.

Kamal-Kamal Pest Control Franchise Business Opportunity

High standards and quality staff training
The quality of the Kamal-Kamal Pest Control Sdn Bhd’s technicians are maintained at very high standards through regular training and teaching, via the technical department and its main training centre located at its headquarters. Technicians are taught the nature of pests including species, habitat and breeding areas, the latest biological and technical methods of pest elimination, chemicals and equipment functions. All technicians are also required to undergo strict examinations to ensure job competency.

Other services
Besides hardcore pest elimination services, the company also provides:

  • Intergrated Pest Management Consultancy Services
  • K-Economy Pest Management Training
  • Fumigations for ship, goodown, warehouse, documents, libraries, rice, tobacco, canes and artifacts

Franchise info
Company Name: Kamal-Kamal Pest Control Sdn Bhd
Tel: +603-4297 4853
Fax: +603-4295 4855
E-mail: info@kamalandkamal.com
Website: www.kamalandkamal.com
Contact Person: Mr. Ahmad Ziakari Ismail
Initial Capital: RM200,000
Franchise Fee: RM20,000
Advertising Fee: 1% of Gross Sales
Royalty: 4% of Gross Sales

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    June 26, 2012 at 2:26 pm · Reply

    Well Trained Staff is very much important for the pest control service & it should be organic pest control.

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