JumpBunch Franchise Business Opportunity

Sports And Fitness For Kids


JumpBunch is a highly effective business model that brings sports to young children in a fun, engaging way. From the music to the activities and equipment, every aspect of JumpBunch has been carefully researched and developed to be beneficial to the development of young minds and healthy bodies, self-esteem and a life-long love for sports and fitness! JumpBunch offers structured sports and fitness programmes for children from age 15 months to 12 years. The classes are typically 30 minutes long, once a week, with over 70 activity plans.


Superior Business Model & Training Support
You manage JumpBunch from home, but you offer classes at existing facilities (preschool, daycare, public and private elementary schools, etc.). This means you are simply offering an additional service to someone else’s established customer base. JumpBunch is attractive because you offer a unique, complementary, turn-key programme. For you, overhead is low because you use their facility, and your “customers” are already in place.
A robust online “Extranet” plus an annual JumpBunch conference gives each owner a chance to strategise directly with JumpBunch staff and other franchisees who share a similar passion and vision for their business. JumpBunch founder Tom Bunchman is committed to a rigorous training process to give each franchisee the best springboard for success. 



 JumpBunch is seeking Master Franchises in Asia, and offers all the advantages of a great business opportunity:
• Current locations in U.S. and India
• Home-based (no storefront or “gym” facility required)
• No teaching or sports experience required
• Low start-up and low overhead costs
• Rapid growth market
• Proven business model
• Strong training and ongoing support
• Protected geographic territories

Key Facts
Company Name: JumpBunch, Inc.
Address: 302 Annapolis St, Annapolis, MD 21401 USA
Phone: +410-703 2300
Website: www.jumpbunch.com
Year Established: 2002
Country of Origin: USA
Contact Person: Thomas Bunchman
Email Address: tom@jumpbunch.com
Type of Business: Mobile children’s fitness
Type of Franchise: Master Franchise
Number of Units: 40
Franchise Fees: Master Fee Negotiable
Franchise Term (years): 10
Royalty: 2%
Marketing /A&P Fund: 2%
Estimated Initial Capital: US$250,000

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  1. franchises for sale
    March 1, 2012 at 3:55 pm · Reply

    JumpBunch is good franchise opportunity for those who are looking for success franchise and they have good budget. I am also looking forward to this franchise opportunity but my father has already having one franchise so I have to thing about it for further information. Thanks.

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