Jojo Group Indonesia

Founded in 2008, we are an Indonesia-based food and beverage chain store. Our signature product is sugarcane drink, which is made from the top-of-the-range Indonesian sugarcane and is linked with numerous health benefits, such as preventing diabetes and lowering cholesterol level. Besides, we serve Taiyaki waffle, coffee, bubble tea and potato Twister. To date, we have 40 stores in Bandung, Jakarta and Denpasar, 35 of which are franchisee-operated. Now, we are seeking to introduce this authentic Indonesian drink overseas.

PT. Jojo Group Indonesia
Tel: +62-21 2960 1514
Franchise Fees: 5%
Marketing/A&P Fund: 2%
Royalty: 5%
Initial Capital:
Kiosk – RM50,000 (sugarcane drink) / RM75,000 (sugarcane drink, blended coffee, pancake)
Restaurant – RM150,000

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