House of Mind Excellence (H.O.M.E.)

house-of-mind-excellence-copyWe are a Mathematics Therapy Centre (H.O.M.EÒ). We believe our vision “No Child Left Behind” should be upheld in order to create a better generation. Our Psychology & Counselling-based pedagogy and implementation of simple Mathematics formula are what set us apart. Our programmes cater to students from age 4 to 17. We aspire to nurture motivated students and equip them with concrete academic foundation for their pursuit of academic excellence.  We have 30 branches across the country.

QC Group Sdn Bhd
Tel: 6013-4434 110 | 605-5280020
Package: Home – RM19,911
Shophouse – RM39,205.60
Initial Capital: RM300,000 to RM600,000

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