Herbal-Basic Healthcare

Herbal-Basic Pediatherapy Centre is a unique natural healthcare solution to strengthen the immune system of children in fighting against common childhood ailments. We have proven track records in treating various illnesses in children, through natural external therapies coupled with our proprietary non-oral medications, researched and developed since 2003, particularly in the area of respiratory-related illnesses that are increasing year by year.

Herbal-Basic Healthcare Pte Ltd
Tel: +65 6278 8170
Website: www.hbtclinic.com
Email: elaine@herbalbasic.com
Franchise Fees: SGD 60,000 (Clinic); or
SGD 50,000 (Therapy Centre)
Royalty: 5%
Initial Capital: SGD 170,000 (Clinic) or
SGD 160,000 (Therapy Centre)

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