Genius Aulad

Genius Aulad® is currently one of the most successful chains of Islamic Preschools in Malaysia and its dream is to work for the world of our young Muslims, beyond the classroom walls. As a leading preschool, Genius Aulad® has been spearheading  high quality preschools based on Islamic principles since year 2000, generating more than 25,000 young Muslims who are adventurous, bubbly and confident. You too can be an entrepreneur with a mission for young Muslims by opening your own Genius Aulad® centre.

Genius Aulad International Group Sdn Bhd
Tel: +012–3753332 / 03–8065 5150
03-8011 2546 (Teacher Munirah)
Franchise Fees: RM30, 000
Royalty: RM30.00 Per Month
For Each Student
Initial Capital: RM50,000

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