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We are a fashion company specialising in Malay family clothing. Gene symbolises hereditary traits while Martino expresses strong personality. Combined, they underscore our mission – providing a product that keeps the family connected and its values preserved. With this mission, we are reaching out to Malay families throughout the nation via our 70+ outlets. Besides Malay family clothes, our collection include Batik attire, menswear, Jubah, Baju Melayu and contemporary Baju Kurung. Join us and share the success.

Gene Martino Apparel Sdn Bhd
Tel: +605-808 9008 / +605-808 6900
Email: /
Franchise Fees: Boutique (Small) – RM50,000
Outlet (Medium) – RM75,000
Concept (Large) – RM100,000
Marketing/A&P Fund: 3%
Royalty: 6%
Initial Capital: Boutique (Small) – RM286,700
Outlet (Medium) – RM375,200
Concept (Large) – RM493,600

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