Degani Café (Australia) “My Degani; My Life”

The European love of food and their passion for coffee is a signature theme of iconic Melbourne, Australia brand Degani Cafe. First established in the late 90s, the founders had an idea to offer a European style bakery/café in Australia’s hub for culture, food and art; Melbourne. It is no secret the love affair Australia’s has for espresso coffee. It was the Aussies after all, that invented the popular coffee beverage, ‘Flat White’. Degani Café boasts the finest coffee, exceptional service and the freshest food options. The Degani Café brand was born with a vision to be the best in coffee and food franchising whilst providing exceptional service in all markets. Degani Café’s vary from 500sq.m. outlets with wine bars and conference rooms, to 30sq.m. kiosks in a popular shopping centres. A significant point of difference for Degani is the fact that no two menus are the same being tailored to the location and demographics around it making each Degani Café truly unique.

NBC Capital
Address: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Year Established: 1999
Country of Origin: Australia
No. of Units: 80+
Franchise Option: Area Development Agreement
Franchise Fee: Information available upon request
Franchise Term: 10+10 years

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