ChicKing Franchise A Profitable Business Model

Dr M.A. Babu, Director of franchise Operations for ChicKing

One person who has been on the foreground in ChicKing®’s entry into Malaysia is Dr. M.A. Babu, Director of Franchise Operations. He explains the aspirations and growth opportunities in Malaysia for ChicKing®, and why ChicKing® should be on the top of everyone’s mind when comes to franchising.

Why should someone interested in owning his or her own business consider a ChicKing® franchise?

ChicKing® stands out as the HALAL Fried Chicken world over and with Real Taste, Real Recipe and there is none to beat it. We are not a competition, as the customers accept us due to our unique taste. Hence, even though the market is rather stale with old and new entrants in the Fried Chicken business, we stand apart through our offering. What we bring is fresh menu and fresh taste at a pricing that is affordable by the masses. Resulting in a business model that is replicable and profitable in terms of opportunity it brings forth. Along with it comes a customer experience that is cross cultural, breaking barriers of religion and geographies. So the Value that comes with the brand ChicKing® is what sets it apart and it is a business opportunity that can be parallel operated, without having to compete with other players!

What sets ChicKing® apart from your competitors in the Fried chicken industry?

Well, ChicKing® is a fun and energetic brand that has all of this great experience and connection with a loyal customer base, which is enjoyed by different age groups. We just ensure that these existent customers and the new ones are pampered with special offers. Our marketing program creates a high level of consumer recall value that hasn’t been seen before and it allows us to go into markets where our brand is unknown, gain a customer base very quickly, and enable our franchisees to operate at a very decent gross volume and profit handsomely. It’s the energy and the character of our brand that speaks directly to our customer. We have an incredibly tasty product. Our customers are attached to our brand because of the whole system that we have imbibed in our offering – it’s the experience, the way we answer the phone, how quickly we deliver our food, and how friendly and energetic our people are. We impress our customers not just by the feel of our outlets but the lingering taste that our HALAL friend chicken leaves on their taste-buds.

What qualities do you look for in a prospective Chicking franchisee?

When it comes to selecting ChicKing® Franchisee we are looking for a passion and desire to own the brand ChicKing® and not just another ‘reseller’. Our idea is to look for franchisee who can ‘evangelize’ the brand ChicKing®. And yes like any other business, sound financial background, ample business acumen, an investment plan and readiness to build a team and believe in the brand.

Based on your observations, what concrete steps do your most successful franchisees take in order to build and grow their businesses?

Any system to succeed and be self sustainable needs a definite process. And our set-up process, marketing programs and the standard operating system that we lay out form the backbone of success. Financial wherewithal and following our system from day one enables our franchisees to be operational and without making expensive mistakes and sustaining a defined customer base that will and come back time and again. So success of franchisees can be zeroed on to operations and marketing systems that we have put into effect.

What kind of ongoing support do you extend to franchisees to help them become more successful?

We believe in day to day support and sometimes it could be hourly support as well. Its need based and like any other business, franchisees depend on us totally. So providing inputs till the outlet is profitable, becomes part of our business operation. Along with it we provide quarterly marketing program that gives them the sharing platform to voice their concerns and take corrective measures. We provide them with operational tools to help in being more efficient and effective at managing costs and labor. And also handhold our franchisees by negotiating and pursuing quality and cost effective vendors for food, beverages and other supplies that franchisees need.

Can you describe your typical day as Director of Franchise Development for Chicking?

My typical day consists of fielding phone calls from all over the country – frankly, from across the world. My job is to get to all of these people and to filter the best fit for ChicKing®. The best part of my job is developing these relationships along the way and making great lifetime partners in growth for ChicKing®. These are people that I’ve been able to help create businesses for themselves and their families and really just getting to know them on a personal level is very gratifying.


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