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Cambridge English For Life (CEFL) specialises in providing accredited ready-to-launch English language programmes. Over the years, our programmes have enriched the lives of thousands of students and clients from all walks of life. CEFL’s comprehensive range of English language courses has been developed to meet the needs of students of all ages. These courses and the expertise to market and teach them are now accessible to you as a CEFL franchisee. Now available worldwide, CEFL franchises are granted to qualified individuals proposing to set up schools and also to those with existing schools.

Turn Your Passion Into A Successful Business
A CEFL franchise simply makes good business sense. This is an excellent opportunity to turn your passion for education into a successful business with the full backing of CEFL’s expertise in promotion, teaching methodology, curriculum development and school management. As a CEFL franchisee, you will be granted an exclusive territory and the use of CEFL brand identity, methods of operation, technology and products. Additionally, you will also benefit from our reputation in the industry, loyal following and proven business strategies.

Towards A Winning Partnership
Tried and tested in learning centres throughout Malaysia, the CEFL business model incorporates the highest standards with integrated quality control procedures assuring you of a winning partnership always. A special orientation programme will be organised to prepare you, your appointed Centre Manager/Administrator as well as the teachers you intend to hire for the start-up and operation of your CEFL centre. Orientation programmes are normally carried out at the CEFL head office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. However, for international associates, onsite training can be arranged.

We are committed to all our franchisees – and that means providing the necessary backup and support you need. Our experienced staff members are ever ready to assist you with any issue you may face, whether they are of a pedagogic or administrative nature.


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