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Budget Rent A Car System, Inc. is one of the world’s best-known general-use car rental companies with over 1,800 locations in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Caribbean, Asia Pacific including Australia and New Zealand.

Budget was founded in 1958 by Morris Mirkin with one location and twelve cars offering daily rental for $4 per day and $0.04 per mile. Today, Budget is a leader in providing leisure and commercial car and truck rental needs through our vast network of local market and airport locations.

Budget Rent a Car is one of the largest franchised vehicle rental networks in the United States and throughout the world. The strength of the Budget System lies in the formidable combination of international industry experience joined with local ownership and expertise.

Whether it is an additional family car needed on an occasional basis, or a truck for the do-it-yourself move or getting from A to B on a business trip and making all your appointments in between, the Budget System helps you meet the challenge and make the most of the opportunity.

In addition Budget is a partner in many international airline frequent flyer programmes, including American, United, Qantas and Thai to name a few.

To people around the globe, the Budget name means value. Our commitment to value and excellent service has made Budget a top choice among leisure and business travellers.


Franchise Info
Company Name:Budget Rent a Car System Inc
Tel:+6129578 1000
Year Established:1958
Country of Origin:USA
Contact Person:Ann Dawson
Types of Franchise Available:Master and Single unit franchises
Franchise Fees:Upon application
Franchise Term (years):Upon application
Royalty:Upon application
Estimated Initial Capital:Upon application


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