BrainChecker Global Group Sdn. Bhd. is the leading Dermatoglyphics Company in Malaysia. The number one reason to choose BrainChecker is because we offer top-notch services at the lowest rates possible without compromising our product quality. Sing the latest technology and scientific methods, BrainChecker can provide the most accurate character and talent analysis report by just taking your fingerprint samples. Amazing as it sounds, BrainChecker is a scientific method based on Dermatoglyphics,the scientific study of fingerprints.

Brainchecker Global Group Sdn Bhd
Tel: +603-9059 2020 / +6012-362 3020 / +6012-393 7020 /+6012-774 0608
Franchise Fees: RM5,000
Royalty: –
Initial Capital: RM100,000.00

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