Nine Secrets to Successful Micro Franchising Systems

Nine Secrets to Successful Micro Franchising Systems
How many of you reading this are willing to understand how to set up a successful micro franchise system? How many of you reading this would agree there is a shift happening in the consciousness of society? Are you experiencing it? For instance, are you experiencing an increase of collaboration or an increase of competition around you?

Now this is a very important question when it comes to the success or failure of economies. This is also an important question when it comes to micro franchising. Why so Tanya? I hear you ask. If you are willing to read on, you will understand. Here are the secrets to success.

#1 A Collaborative Model

Simply put, the success, and sustainability of a micro franchising model or similar is based on, centred around and rooted in collaboration. That’s right collaboration. Not competition. Period.

There is no purpose in a highly competition centred person being the founder of a micro franchise business. Simply speaking, it will not last. Allow me to explain.

For 16 years, the work that I have lead centres around a single premise. That the success of the business is a reflection of who is running it. And this is true in all forms of leadership whether in highly competitive environments or highly collaborative ones.

#2 Design and Intent

It boils down to intent at the moment of design. When a vision is being set for a business model, when a vision is set for an organizational structure, it is the intent, the spirit of the intent – that gives business wings for success.

Now without being too esoteric here, consider this. In many nations, one refers to the legal structures and business vehicle as an ‘entity’. As such, the intent and vision that is cast onto this entity determines the fruit that is produced. This is a highly important consideration for success in micro franchising.

#3 Success and Social Impact

One highly sought after element or fruit of success is financial freedom. In developing economies, this is more achievable than in most western economies. Why? Because ones life at the bottom of the pyramid is more simple than the complex levels of expense at the top of the pyramid.

What one is yearning to escape in the quest for financial freedom and financial independence is a sense of freedom from worry as well as resources to assist family, friends, community and society. Therefore, with a well selected micro franchise model and a well selected intent and vision, the rest can be easier.

#4 Motivation to Learn

Micro franchising is new. Learning is required to do new things. But what is the motivation to learn for the learner? The human spirit is motivated by contribution, a sense of harmony and a sense of creativity. It is these elements that fuel and provide motive for people to learn.

So, for a micro franchise of any nature to thrive, the people involved in it must feel compelled to learn. Feel drawn to consider new ways and approaches of doing things. Must feel thrust from their comfortable ways and learn new methods that will align with the actions and deeds that will secure their success.

If the motive is purely profit based, if the motive is only about making money to buy things, to have material possessions, then the motivation to learn is short lived. There is an ancient piece of wisdom that expresses this well. “Where attention goes, so follows energy”.

#5 Reciprocal Energy

A house cannot give me energy back. A car, cannot give me energy back. A new handbag cannot give me energy. This is why when in western society we create money to buy more things, we must keep creating more money to buy more things. Why? Because the energy is dead on arrival at the item of purchase. The exception might be the experience one has of walking into a beautiful home. Or driving a beautiful car. However these emotions rise up from within the person. These feelings are joy and appreciation and gratitude. Interestingly enough, these feelings exist within the person anyway whether they have the house or the car. Before walking into the house and before driving the expensive car. It is the person themselves that generates the feelings about the car or the house. The car or the house do not provide the person with any life force.

#6 Belief and Seeing

It is the invisible forces of belief, gratitude, appreciation, and investing and good intentions toward others that creates a positive flow of positive forwardness. Positive forwardness is the momentum and connectivity required to underpin a successful collaborative micro franchise system. The flow must be between people, no matter what the product. No matter what the service. The fl ow must be based in provision of good intent from the mind, good intent in actions, good intent in feelings and this will produce good fruit.

#7 Success is a Result of Belief

It is my intention and I deeply believe that those who can relate and resonate with this information will be the visionaries to assemble the many successful micro franchise systems that will lift economies in our world. These new entrepreneurs understand the deeper complexity of business. That visioning to gain solid materials is dead investment. That success is the fruit of alive energy and intention. That the secret is alive energy. Alive energy is fed. Alive energy is cultivated. Alive energy starts with each and every one of us.

“If you want a dead business, think dead thoughts, speak dead words.

If you want an alive business, think alive thoughts, speak alive words.”

Tanya Lacy


I’d like you to think for a moment about corporate structures.

Corporate comes from the root word corp in English and

‘Corp’ is a body. A body can be dead or a body can be alive.

In the current economy we are hearing what I would refer to

as dead language. Downsizing and head count. What is the

impact of these words and thoughts? This language is about

cutting the corporate down. What are our words breathing

into being? Our words are breathing death and destruction

into being when we use this language.

#8 Language and Success

How we speak determines our world. What we believe preceeds what we think, feel and speak. When we are heavily invested in something, we wrap emotion around it. This emotion is magnetised. It also magnetises and attracts more of the same. If we sincerely want micro franchise systems to thrive, the words we use at the design stage and the thoughts we have at design stage, the feelings we have at design stage all count in the creation and design of what we produce.

#9 Cause and Effect

Now we come to the concept of Cause and Effect. If we take this theory to practical application, our thoughts shape our world around us. That is, what we think about, is what we put emotional energy on and what we add actions on and this in turn produces a result.

The original intent of micro franchising is to lift up the least in our society by providing economic opportunity for those who ordinarily would not have access to such thinking.

If the outcome of the micro franchise system is something like this:

“We are designing a system that achieves the following”

1. It solves a problem in the world

2. It provides profi t for all people involved

3. It causes the wealthy and knowledgeable in society to share their gifts and talent

4. It is an opportunity to learn new skills and apply them

5. It creates teachers within its own system

6. It can be replicated anywhere

7. Its nature is collaborative and supportive

8. All people involved are positive and supportive

“We all sign on and agree to be in alignment with this intent”

Then ‘the what’ the micro franchise distributes, produces, or supplies is of lesser importance so long as all who are involved in it fully believe in the product and service that the entity is delivering.

What’s next?

I know my readers are looking to me for specific tangible examples of micro franchises. The truth is, that I represent an idea. I am spotting opportunities for micro franchising systems all over the world. And I will continue to report on them.

If we are to be truly successful in this arena, what is more important however is the invisible forces that drive these micro franchise systems. All those involved in micro franchise systems must understand that it is intent at the point of design that is more critical than anything else. For to change the world, we must desire a new way.

We must desire sustainable success that serves many and sustains itself. The wealth, the profit, the boost to the economy will be the fruit of the seeds of good intent that are planted in design now by you who are inspired to be the leader in this incredible opportunity we have called micro franchising systems.

Tanya Lacy

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