ELV Targets One Franchise Outlet One State This Year

Set up in 2004, Elleven Lingerie International Sdn Bhd (ELV), has been helping Malaysian women to stay in good shape with its line of body sculpture lingerie as well as health and treatment from Japan.

On Jan 22, the company opened its doors to budding local entrepeneurs to participate in its lucrative franchise business. Till date, the company has opened seven franchise branches nationwide and one in Singapore. ELV’s executive director, Pang Wai Wai attributed its rapid growth to the increasing number of health conscious women in the country. The company also helps its franchisees to obtain loans to set up their business. One of its newest franchisee Norazrina Samad, said ELV’s line of products have been receiving good response from the public. She believe, the business has the potential to grow, especially for Bumiputera entrepreneurs.

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