MattressKleen Franchise Opportunity

Sanitise & Deodorise For Health

MattressKleen Franchise Opportunity

The MattressKleen business opportunity is a unique, profitable, proven, easily operated, home based cash business with huge potential. Its low entry cost, coupled with experienced management makes this a compelling story well worthy of your evaluation. Mattress cleaning has a high level of repeat work and little or no competition in the ever expanding health and home services industry. MattressKleen is Australian grown and operated and aims to become the largest, most profitable mattress cleaning business in Australia, and soon, the world.

MattressKleen Franchise Opportunity

How MattressKleen System Works
The scientifically proven system of cleaning and sanitising a mattress is natural, dry and chemical free. Dust mites, their excrement and dead skin flakes are effectively removed by a high powered vacuum unit, simultaneously a UVC (germicide) light kills dust mites, virus, bacteria, mould spores and anything else that might be residing in the mattress.

The Market
Health awareness is becoming more prominent in our modern society. Millions of people suffer from Asthma and allergies, skin irritations and other respiratory diseases are on the increase. There is much scientific research linking many allergies to a chemical found in dust mite excrement. Exposure to this chemical called guanine will trigger allergic reactions and can cause a lifelong allergy.

The domestic potential is huge, strongly referral based and being a health related service, it’s an emotional decision for the householder so the return rate is very high.

The commercial market is a lucrative opportunity as well. Some of the facilities that can experience a higher standard in hygiene are … Hotels, Resorts, Apartments under management, Retirement Villages, Boarding Schools, Pre–Schools, Cruise Ships, Marinas, Defence Forces, Correctional Facilities, Backpackers and B&B accommodation.

MattressKleen Franchise Opportunity
The Competition
MattressKleen is a specialist in mattress cleaning and sanitising. Competition is small and in most cases inadequate such as carpet cleaners who tend to use the vacuum they clean the carpet with, which is ineffective when compared to our system and steam which can degrade memory foam, put moisture in the mattress creating odours, mould and can even rust springs and void warranty. The barrier to entry to compete on our level is high. Early involvement and subsequent success from your perspective is wise as it can deter serious competition.

Potential franchisees are seeking success within a comfortable, stress-free environment. There is no urgency associated with our service. From our experience franchisees want flexibility via the independence of owning their own business and they enjoy meeting & working with people and as such have decided to invest in the MattressKleen franchise system.

Franchise Info
Company Name: MattressKleen
Phone: +602-9501 5345
Year Established: 2006
Country of Origin: Australia
Contact Person: Glenn Russell
Types of Franchise Available: Exclusive territories/Countries: Australia/ New Zealand/Asia
Number of Units: 27
Size of Units: 70,000 to 80,000 population min
Franchise Fees: Upfront fee AU$22,500 neg.
Franchise Term (years): 5+5 years
Management Fee: Negotiable
Estimated Initial Capital: Minimal


  1. franchises for sale
    March 1, 2012 at 9:02 pm · Reply

    Investing in Mattersskleen is fully independent operator and it’s good opportunity for people to have this franchise. Mattersskleen is really good home based business that suit your lifestyle and also interesting career path. People will get good amount of benefits with this franchise opportunity. I recommend this, good luck.

  2. home based franchise
    July 27, 2012 at 10:37 pm · Reply

    My recommendation is to do your due persistence before investing in a home-based franchise. Discover all alternatives for businesses. Get knowledgeable on advertising models and strategies that can benefit you in any kind of company enterprise.

  3. JACK
    October 23, 2017 at 4:06 pm · Reply

    any francis in Malaysia?

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