Intelligent Mental Arithmetic(IMA) Franchise Business Opportunity

IMA Franchise Business Opportunity

Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic (IMA) Programme enables children to develop their left and right brains by adopting “Both-Hand Abacus Mental-Arithmetic” and the copyrighted “New Era Abacus”. The application of unique teaching materials and aids (Flash Cards + Creative Thinking Training) allow children to master the art of mental-arithmetic in the creative and relaxing environment. INTELLIGENT aims to be a leading entity on providing professional trainings, knowledge and consulting services in the field of children abacus and mental-arithmetic education and franchising development for individuals.

Franchise Info

Company Name: Intelligent Mental- Arithmetic Sdn. Bhd.

Franchise Fees: depends on location and territory

Royalty: depends on Development Plan

Initial Capital: RM100,000 (Local Franchise-Malaysia Only)
; RM300,000 (Master Franchise-Malaysia Only)

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